27 January 2008

We interrupt our scheduled programming....

Not so much interrupt as a change of plan. I was gonna release the funky furs, but Deedee has asked for the Pattern Peeks I showed earlier this month, so why not? Here's a reminder of the preview, with a close-up of one page in each pack...you can tell I'm loving these little animated previews eh?


And here are the links:
Belanna's Pattern Peeks (Earth)
Belanna's Pattern Peeks (Rich)
Belanna's Peek-a-Boos (DSO Colour Challenge)

The last was posted already, but thought I'd add it in just in case y'all missed it!


  1. You're awesome. I just returned from church wondering if they were available. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous work.

  2. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

  3. Ohhhh C - you are doing so well with these! Keep up the good work sweetie :)

  4. I'm obviously quite behind, but great job with all your designing! How exciting. :-)

    (And, um, is it just me who is reminded of, um, spermies with this latest pattern?? I spent WAY too much time doing artificial insemination, I think!)

  5. ROTFL!!!!! Me too! I said that to my other half when we were buying the rug this was based on and he thought I'd lost the plot entirely lol! Obviously you and I are very in tune Heather lol!!!!