15 April 2007

All about me!

This is a challenge I did for godigitalscrapbooking.com last month - technically the challenge was over ages ago, but I liked the idea of it and thought I'd have a go for practice! Since it's along similar lines to Anna's first challenge for QOTC, I thought I'd share it with you, and see what you think?

Credits: Created in Powerpoint using Yin Designs Brown Paper Packages Kit

04 April 2007

First comment, third challenge!!!

Yay!!! My little baby blog got it's first comment today from Misty Cato, designer extraordinaire!! And such a lovely comment too, thank you so much Misty!! I'm almost speechless with delight!!

Onwards and upwards, been following Anna's blog at Paper Moons for the last few weeks, (well worth a visit and a read) and much impressed by her fabulously scrapped to-do lists. So when she issued a challenge for readers to create one of their own, couldn't very well resist could I? Even though this is the busiest of weeks for me and I hadn't got a clue where to start! Anyhow, here is my little effort - hope you like it Anna!

Bow & flower from Anna's March Madness collection
News Clipping Generator at fodey.com
Dummiez Book Cover Maker 2007 from signgenerator.org
Catalog Card Generator at blyberg.net
Photo of my beloved - you can tell I like this one too, it crops up a lot!
Geisha Brooch - one of my collection of brooches!

03 April 2007

Most treasured and most thankful...

Okay, so this is my second challenge ever and my second scrapbook page ever. Why is it so special? Well one, it's about the person that matters most to me, who changed my life in ways he doesn't even understand. And also, it refers to two monumental trips - one in 2004 to visit Canada to plan our emigration, and one in 2005 which was a pitstop at our favourite hotel in Brighton on our way to Canada to live - really lifechanging moments. And finally because the top photo is his favourite photo of himself ever, and I took it! The bottom one is a little blurry, but that was mostly due to the champagne, so even the blur is special!

It was created for Andrea Gold's 'What are you most thankful for' challenge at GoDigitalScrapbooking. I didn't manage to get the hang of the template provided in PSE (I've only just started using that too), so I worked in Powerpoint instead and recreated it as closely as possible.

And I'm entering it for Misty Cato's competition more because I'd love to get my first comment on my baby blog than because I have any hope of winning, which I doubt!

Credits: Key, Tag and Alpha from Debra Anderson's For All Time kit; everything else created in Powerpoint.