04 April 2007

First comment, third challenge!!!

Yay!!! My little baby blog got it's first comment today from Misty Cato, designer extraordinaire!! And such a lovely comment too, thank you so much Misty!! I'm almost speechless with delight!!

Onwards and upwards, been following Anna's blog at Paper Moons for the last few weeks, (well worth a visit and a read) and much impressed by her fabulously scrapped to-do lists. So when she issued a challenge for readers to create one of their own, couldn't very well resist could I? Even though this is the busiest of weeks for me and I hadn't got a clue where to start! Anyhow, here is my little effort - hope you like it Anna!

Bow & flower from Anna's March Madness collection
News Clipping Generator at fodey.com
Dummiez Book Cover Maker 2007 from signgenerator.org
Catalog Card Generator at blyberg.net
Photo of my beloved - you can tell I like this one too, it crops up a lot!
Geisha Brooch - one of my collection of brooches!

1 comment:

  1. What a great 'to do' list. I've been enjoying looking at them all listed at the Paper Moons blog.