27 August 2007

Did I create a freebie?

Lol! Well I've been playing around and finally came up with my first papers! Not that I'm particularly interested in getting into the whole freebie game, but I was so chuffed with myself, that I just had to share them...with anyone who actually happens to come across my little blog lol!

So whadya think? Would they be worth downloading as a freebie or not? Answers on a postcard please...lol!

20 August 2007

Feeling inspired (finally!)

A couple of things conspired together to get me scrapping this week - fabulous new bookbinder papers from Anna Benjamin at Paper Moons (only $1!!!), a cute torn frame template from Princess Pamela and an unusual sketch from Chris Greiser... and of course my ever-loving sweetie for whom this layout was assembled.

Click the image for a larger view to see the detail in these fab papers:

Credits: Bookbinder papers from Anna Benjamin at Paper Moons (only $1!!!), Torn Square Frame template from Princess Pamela, inspired by a sketch by Chris Greiser.

Cake anyone??

As a confirmed 'can't cook, won't cook' I was stumped when challenged to scrap a recipe card recently. And then I remembered one of the very few recipes I've ever actually baked rather than just drooled over. The Daily Mail did a promotional article for Nigella Lawson's Feast cookbook a few years ago and this was one of the recipes they featured. After weeks of pondering, I finally got up the nerve to try it and it was delish! It's heavy and moist, with a far more complex flavour than your average chocolate cake.

If anyone tries it, let me know! (Click the image for a larger view)

Credits: Bookbinder papers and manilla envelope by Anna Benjamin aka Paper Moons (only $1!!!), Torn Square Template by Princess Pamela, Shapes & Page Borders by Pillowgirl

13 August 2007

Ugly duckling girls like me....

So there was obviously a conjunction in the heavens today...

  • I heard Janis Ian's At Seventeen earlier on the radio and thought I'd love to use those lyrics in a page...
  • I came across a picture of myself on holiday in Greece dancing with my big brother (& hero) when I was seventeen (i.e. many, many, moons ago lol!) and again thought, I'd love to use that in a page...
  • Julie announced the design team at Stone Accents Studio today and and as part of the launch Candee started a challenge to do a 'hello' layout about yourself (or rather myself!)

Well ya can't ignore those kind coincidences... so here it is... the ugly duckling at seventeen...

Of course the lyrics mean a lot more to me now than they did then...sigh!

Papers and flowers from Harriet's Parlor, Rose and bead from Sugar Sugar...both kitz by the inimitable... can ya guess????
Anna Benjamin aka Paper Moons

06 August 2007

Raising a parting glass to Tommy Makem

One of my early heroes died the other day, you may or may not have heard of him. His name was Tommy Makem, formerly half of an Irish folk singing duo, Makem & Clancy. Growing up I learned more about my heritage and history through their songs and stories than I ever learned at school. To me they were the heart and soul and essence of what it meant to be Irish, and to them I owe my first sense of pride in being Irish.

I met them briefly, saw them perform live several times, both together and in later years individually, after they split to pursue solo careers. Each came from large musical families - and now their sons and daughters are carrying on the tradition.

Although diagnosed with advanced lung cancer last year, Tommy decided to carry on with his tour as planned rather than disappoint people - and I think in doing so he gave himself and his fans an opportunity to say goodbye in a real sense. Unfortunately I didn't get to any of the final dates, by the time news had reached me, most had already taken place.

And while the news of his passing didn't come as a shock, it brought with it a greater sense of loss than I had expected. As if I'd lost a favourite uncle, my childhood and my country in the same moment. While he has passed on his talent and passion for music to his children and they continue to perform, it's different. As if an era has ended and the future is uncertain. Normally I'd call that sentimental tosh, but that's how it feels just now.

In tribute I'd like to share one of his songs, a haunting piece with a superb melody that seems oddly appropriate and somehow comforting at the moment. To listen, click play on the Smilebox below.
Parting Glass
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Slan abhaile, Tommy.