23 March 2009

At your service...

After much dithering and pondering, I am pleased to announce that I've finally summoned up the nerve to go commercial - with a new service for designers:

So, if you're a designer and you're finding that too much of your precious design time is taken up with other tasks and you feel you're missing out on the opportunity to make more from your designs - because you simply don't have time to create add-ons such as quick pages, albums, printables and hybrid items - then I'll do it for you!

The end result is then yours to sell as add-ons or standalone products, or to use as promotional tools such as bundle incentives, challenge prizes or chat participation gifts.

There are three 'flavours' of this service available:
  • Standard Quick Pages - any of the usual 12 x 12, 8 x 8, 6 x 4 etc - or any size you want as long as it's essentially square or rectangular.

  • Shaped Quick Pages - your choice of any of the Basic Grey, Maya Road or Cosmo Cricket ranges.

  • Custom Hybrid Printables - you name it, I'll make it - gift boxes, treat bags, book marks, money holders, gift card holders, door hangers - whatever you fancy really! If you can describe it, I can make it!
I'm offering singles and six-packs in each category, and also a Pick & Mix six-pack that includes your choice from each category.

For more details on any of the options - you'll find the full range of services available at either:

And many thanks to Nancy at DSS and Sammy at SDK for the opportunity to be a part of their fabulous teams - and for their endless patience and understanding!!!

And if you go and browse, you'll find a little free taster in each shop - a pair of 8x8 Quick Pages made with my first ever commercial kit - Belanna's Celtic Crafts.

As time goes on I'm planning to add more freebie tasters of each service category - but until then I'd like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful designers who very kindly allowed me to use previews of items I've made for them to illustrate my services: Ali Folendore, Gail Cook, Karen Stimson, Krista Ringham and Liz Dau - colossal hugz to you all!

So that's it from me for now - still tons to do! But if you have any queries regarding the services or the options - or any suggestions for other items you'd like to see included - let me know!


20 March 2009

Bad news, good news, late news...

We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you .... me! Back again after a rather turbulent few weeks. First the bad news - along with millions of others I am now officially without work...so if you happen to know of anyone who needs a freelancing instructional content designer...let me know!

Now the late news...I'm always late to the party, but at least this time I'm only a week behind lol! My good friend and inspiration, Karen Stimson, introduced me to DigiscrapStation a while ago, and a jolly good store it is too! And as of last week they're hosting the Friday Express - fabulous $2 specials on all kinds of things including a whole host of personal, S4H and CU goodies.

Click on the ad to go directly to the Friday Express...but don't forget to have a browse through the store - there's lots of sales on!

And the good news? Well, erm... hopefully there's some of that on the way for all of us...but in the meantime, here's a little freebie to brighten your day...

Click on the preview to find out where to download this pair of 8x8 quickpages - you might just be surprised!