25 January 2008

Experimenting with Liquid Metal Frames

Ho hum, I've had a play and I'm not sure what I think of these really, click the picture for a bigger view...

I was deliberately going for simple but maybe they're just too boring? Oh well, back to the drawing board!

ETA: Just in case you like them here's the link:
Belanna's Liquid Frames (Purple)


  1. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself.....those frames look fantastic. Do they come in any other colour? I am downloading your papers at the moment and what I have seen of the purple ones they are lovely....especially the swirly opally looking ones. I will give my thanks here for the papers.....thankyou with a big T

  2. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

  3. I happen to love these frame just as they are! Thank you for sharing with us, I really appreciate it and You!