31 January 2008

Geekie gadgets for scrappers....

Okay, so I'm a bit of a gadget girl at heart (I get that from my Dad!), so I saw this and thought 'Coooool' and had to share it with you.

I have to laugh that it's described as a 'Men's digital photo wallet'!! Really??? I'ved used a wallet in preference for a purse since I first started work (i.e. since I first had real paper money of my own lol!). But if you really prefer it they do a 'purse' version as well lol! Anyhow, my only complaint is that the screen could have been an incy bit bigger (but I reckon you could still get a layout on it!), and I love the fact that photo section is removable, so you can carry it separately if you like.

Anyway, if you fancy a peek, you'll find it here: Digital Photo Wallet, along with some other cool gadgets that you can display your digital photos on ... like a Christmas bauble and a little clear frame you can pop your memory card straight into...cor, I love gadgets me la! (That's a Guernsey expression lol!)

Anyway I'm working on some new papers, but I'll try to get the furs online later. And I'm really trying very hard to come up with ideas for elements, so hopefully I'll have more to show you soon!

1 comment:

  1. The display looks like it's about the same size as the one on my digital keychain, which I've found is really too small for a layout. You could put one on to show people examples of what digiscrapping is, but apart from that, it's too small to see details. I try to keep it to photos where the subject takes up most of the space.