16 January 2008

I am very rarely speechless...

... but just minutes ago I was struck dumb (but you can tell it didn't last for long lol!). I posted my Floating Spheres papers as a members freebie at GDS a few days ago and just got a pm from harley3 to say she'd used a couple in a layout.

Wanna see? Then go here to see it in the GDS gallery or here to visit her blog and leave some love!!!!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you harley3! I love your page and how you've created the frames, you've really made my day


  1. Oh bravo!!!! That layout looks lovely. I'll sign up later and leave a comment, but right now it is waaaaaay past my bedtime!

  2. Love your blog and so glad you like my page made with your gorgeous papers!!!!

  3. Oh Christeph! That's fantastic *hugs*