11 January 2008


Well...almost! I'm so chuffed I've just figured out how to make an animated preview in PSE...cool or what? Yes I have been playing when I shouldn't have been... the upshot of which is some seven packs of papers (yes, that's right, SEVEN!) and I was trying to figure out the easiest way to show them to you. And suddenly it just clicked... y'know a real 'Aha!' moment.

Anyway, enough yammering, here it is....(cue the applause)


Erm, yes...they are all based on the same pattern...but it's such a cute pattern, someone's bound to want 56 variations of it, aren't they? Well, let me know if you do!

And there's still three days to go....

(Edited so that now it shows a full paper from each pack...it's addictive!)


  1. How did I manage to miss your blog up till now?!? Great papers, would love to have them...pleez?

  2. hey C those papers are very cool! But shouldn't you be doing ....... LOL!

    Thanks for the blog love - you are such a sweetie :). Yes I am a Stephen Donaldson fan, and Robert Jordan and Anne McCafferty, Tolkien, David Eddings, Tad Williams etc etc etc - basically anything with a sword wielding Orc or a magic servent boy who turns out to be King and I'm hooked LOL. So where's the coffee LMAO!