11 January 2008

Homeward bound...and yet more photos....

Can you believe there are yet more photos of our trip that I haven't shared yet??? Well, you're in luck (lol!) coz there are!!!!

We drove back from Dublin (actually there was a ferry involved too!) to our favourite chill-out spot for a couple of nights to erm...chill-out before the long haul flight home. We stayed at the Hotel Seattle in Brighton, where we've spent many a happy weekend (mostly in the bar hic!) since we discovered it a few years ago. This is one seriously hip and trendy hotel in what has become a seriously hip and trendy town, and we (as you may have guessed) are sadly lacking in the hipness and trendiness departments - and yet we love it and recommend it highly.

It's located on the Boardwalk (actually it pretty much IS the Boardwalk) and so has some great views. Like this, from our balcony...

And I just love watching boats bob in the marina...also from the balcony...

And even when the sky turns dour, it's lovely to watch....

And the sea has such an unreal quality there...

(You can click any of these photos for a better view, but I really recommend that you click the last one, you can almost feel the tide swell when you look out at the ocean, one of my better shots!)

Now, if you ever find yourself in the general vicinity of Brighton, you just have to stay there. And once you're checked in, ask for directions to the 'secret' Black & White bar (it's really well hidden amongst the guest rooms) and once you get there ask for an English Orchard cocktail, sip, sigh and chill.....it's bliss!


  1. Popped in for my coffee only to find gorgeous photos! That last one is AMAZING, even better closer up! You could almost smell the sea - beautiful.

  2. Ditto... exactly what she said!!! LOL. Would love to get together for coffee in the morning and stay till evening cocktails!!!!
    It has been really great reading your blog!!!!
    In Pinkness!