22 February 2008

Making a name for myself....

Okay it's a weak pun, but I couldn't think of a title! Never mind, the thing is that in the midst of my playing I've been trying out some freeware actions and came across a really cool one that essentially creates a word of your choice in glass witha photo of your choice behind it...so courtesy of clickBoom's action, may I introduce...

(Click on it to see it enlarged in all its glory!!!)

Yeah, I know, it's kinda sad using multiple pictures of my avatar but it seemed like a good idea at the time! In the process of playing today I learned tons of stuff and I have ideas just brimming at the moment. I'm working with some really great images of Celtic mythic beasts, the kind you see in the Book of Kells and I can't wait to show them to you...but I'm having too much fun at the moment to package anything and upload it. And besides, just when I think something is finished, I discover half a dozen other cool things to do with it...lol!

On another topic, I'd really like to mention Bookcrossing. I discovered the site a couple of years ago and love it. If you read any kind of books at all, you just have to go and have a look. The concept is that once you've read your books you 'free' them...by registering them on the site and then either release them into the wild or pass them on to friends or other Bookcrossers. Hopefully whoever finds or receives the book will visit the site and add a journal note telling you what they thought of the book and how they intend to pass it on. I used it to 'free' my entire library before we emigrated and it was a very liberating experience. But wait...that's just one side...the other side is that it's a huge and growing community of people from all over the world who share a love of books and chatting. I've met some wonderful people there, and had some wonderful books sent to me by many of them once we were settled again.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention it because you may not have heard of it, and if not, you'll thank me for it!

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  1. Belanna,
    This is lovely. Where did you get this action?