24 May 2007

Thoughts on templates!

Now as a real scrapping newbie, you'd think I'd be pretty keen on using templates eh? Wrong! Why? Well let's just say the ones I've seen so far have left me pretty cold, and I always end up thinking, I can do better than that!

But then a couple of days ago I discovered....Renae Nicholson! Renae brings real creativity and inspiration to template design and frankly, one look at her templates and I realised there was no way I could do better!

So since this was my first attempt to use a template, I played it safe and chose a simple one. I had a play and came up with this as an early anniversary card for my Mom & Dad that I'm really kinda pleased with. Though really with a combination of Renae's template and Anna's designs, how could I not be pleased?

[Credits: Chocolate Treatz, Foundation Paperz and Mini Bowz all by Anna Benjamin (aka Paper Moons), Template #42 by Renae Nicholson]


  1. looks great! way to go! pinkie power!
    ;) M

  2. Pink rules! Great LO babe, you have more talent than you give yourself credit for :)

  3. You did a fantastic job. Your layout is absolutely beautiful!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me!


  4. Saw this template LO on Renae's blog....great job!!

  5. Awesome anniversary LO. Hmmmmm, excuse me, am I the only one who thinks Pops was a McDreamy before his time!!!!!!!
    Thanks also for introducing me to Renae! I'm hooked.
    Anna is no doubt the Queen of the Crop, I can't wait for her coronation.
    Think Pink!

  6. What a beautiful sentiment to scrap, to be able to share this. Gorgeous.