17 May 2007

Anna for Queen Campaign!!!

Okay, so I'm a little late cause it's week 2 already, but sheesh, give a girl a break!

Anyhoooo, here's the deal. Anna Benjamin (aka Paper Moons) is without doubt the most talented, gifted, versatile and downright creative designer it has been my privilege to discover - she's also a generous, funny and all round wonderful human being and she writes an addictive blog to boot - far more addictive than reality tv and vastly more involving. What more could anyone want in a future sovereign I ask?

As a challenger for the crown at Scrapbookgraphics QOTC, she simply has no competition!! But there's no shame in that for the other entrants, trust me even Princess Di would have conceded defeat to this Queen-to-be (she might even have asked her to design her wedding dress!!!)

Wanna see the proof? Well here's just a little sample of what this woman is capable of, it's her entry for week two:

See what I mean? She's unbeatable. So here's your chance to get in her good graces, and you just never know she might confer you with a title once she's crowned. Go here to see the credits and cast your vote and collect a wicked bag of goodies to boot.

And then go here to catch up with her blog and she might even treat you to some of her world-reknowned sugar cookiez for visiting!

Mmmmmmm, scrummy!

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