30 June 2008

Like a breeze on a hot summer's day...

...I'm just breezing through. So here we are at the end of the month and thanks to an exceptional workload I haven't managed to complete any of the colour challenges - ho hum, at least there'll be some new ones to look forward too tomorrow.

But I did manage to get out briefly last week and take some photos, and here's one I scrapped...well I layered and filtered it with my own combination paint-style effects and added a a little verse concocted especially for it....so you may or may not consider it to be scrapping, but I like it!

NB: If you'd like to see the background in greater detail or read the verse, just click on it for a larger version.

Anyway, the forecast here is for hot, hot and more hot this week, so I'll be doing my best to get out of the office every chance I can because this is the hottest corner of our little house and a girl's gotta breathe occasionally. So not sure I'll managed to do anything of substance any time soon! I do have some bits in process, but I just can't cope with the heat long enough to finish anything lol! So I hope you all enjoy the weather more than me, and I'll be back when it's cooled down a little.



  1. i love the way the words ripple and roll off the tongue! nice effects on the photo, too! you are such an artist!!!
    :) M