09 December 2007

Holiday Snaps ... Part One?

Okay, so according to Amanda it's time I did an update. What can I say? We've been half way round the world and back, and it's so good to be home! So here are the first of the (many!) holiday snaps. Get yourself a glass of wine and try not to yawn...

First up is the departures area at Vancouver Airport, exciting eh? Well, actually for us it was! It has been completely revamped since we were last there (circa 2004) and I have to applaud them. It's certainly the most comfortable, relaxing and de-stressing departures area I've had the pleasure to be in.

Here's the new and rather fascinating aquarium, seen from downriver...yes, there's now a river running through departures!

And a close-up of some of the occupants....

Here's a view of the river itself...

And a close-up of one of the more docile inhabitants, Salmonus Glassicus, I believe.

Okay, so I see some of you are already nodding, so we'll stop there for now, more to follow sometime soon!


  1. How absolutely amazing. More more!! We need more!

    So tell me, what did you miss most while you were away? I mainly miss my pillow and my bathroom. I hate living out of a toiletry bag. I like everything set out where I want them to be, LOL.

  2. Finally! An update LOL!!! Great to hear from you C! I can't believe they have a RIVER in the departure lounge! That is amazing - the only exciting things we have in the Brisbane departure lounge are the drug and bomb dogs LOL! Carol, I can't go anywhere without my pillow - I try to take it with me all the time hahahahaha! OK C - more photos - more photos!